Natural, Liquid-Based Organic Fertilizers & Custom Microbial Enzymes

New product development and custom product improvement have been an integral part of the success of Hydros, Inc., over the years. Our line of custom liquid fertilizers can be found below.

Complete Squid Grow-Bloom Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Complete Squid Grow-Bloom Liquid Organic Fertilizers

Feeding Your Plants and Bio Stimulating the Soils Microbial Activity

The organic liquid Complete Squid Grow and Bloom are North Atlantic Squid extracted in a cold hydrolysate that assures vitamins, amino acids, microbes, enzymes and micronutrients that all plants require for rapid, dynamic and optimal growth and flower/fruit development.

HydroShark™ Liquid Organic Fertilizer

HydroShark™ Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Improve Plant Color, Health, & Growth

HydroShark™ is a fermented shark and skate by-product of pharmaceutical and dietary supplement processing industry. It is formulated under FDA guidelines that have maintained the naturally digested nutrients in a fully native state.

HydroSquid™ Liquid Organic Fertilizer

HydroSquid™ Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Improve Plant Color, Health, and Growth

Complete Squid Grow/Bloom contains natural amino acids and chelators that stimulate plant growth and flowering.

HydroCarb™ Liquid Fertilizer

HydroCarb™ Liquid Fertilizer

Increase Flower Production & Build Strong Stems

Carbohydrates are the most abundant class of organic compounds found in plants. HydroCarb™ is a concentrated carbohydrate polymer solution (35% by volume) made of simple and complex carbohydrates.

For a comprehensive product evaluation, contact us or send a sample, and we will provide the solution. Your confidentiality and IP protection are guaranteed.

We work directly with each customer to deliver full performance and live up to their expectations. Additionally, our fully guaranteed products will always have our complete support.

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