Hydros H2S Removal Technologies

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is the greatest nuisance odor as well as the most corrosive of several trace chemicals present in landfill gas. With the removal of H2S from the gas stream overall production efficiency is increased and repair costs to pipes and power generating equipment are greatly reduced.

Hydros and our engineering partners can design the best H2S removal solution from a biological based gas stream. Hydros provides a range of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal products and processes:

H2S Removal Technologies

H2S removal technologies - A fast-reacting, caustic-oxidizing liquid media, H2S precipitation, that can be custom applied as a scrubber assisted direct injection. These systems are specifically designed for auto protection and inexpensive to maintain.

Benefits of a Landfill Scrubber System for Sulfur Removal

Reduces H2S levels to less than 10 ppm
Rapid shut down and start up
Temperature independent process
Environmentally safe
Simple continuous operation
No sulfur emissions
No hazardous wastes

In Situ Landfill Treatment

In Situ landfill treatment - An injectable sulfur oxidizing bacteria drip array that has been continuously improved since being introduced in the mid 1990's. Microbial oxidation of sulfur reduces the amount of H2S produced in situ. Each custom solution can be installed and maintained with little changes to existing gas systems. The system can be directed to specific regions of H2S production. The system can significantly reduce fugitive noxious odor release.

Benefits of In Situ Injection

Reduces H2S production on site
Bacteria safely applied through sub surface drip lines
Environmentally natural and easy to apply
Low capital requirement
No odors

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H2S removal technologies
H2S removal technologies  
Scrubber Control SCADA Panel
Scrubber Control SCADA Panel  
H2S removal technologies
H2S removal technologies